Sunday, 30 May 2010

Success in Healthcare


Healthcare is actually a success story. It is also a story full of missed opportunities. It is my firm belief that if that gap is bridged, healthcare professionals' full potential will be realised. My role in my hospital and elsewhere is to explore the possibility of bridging that gap.

However, I do not blog in my official capacity as an NHS employee. I write in my personal capacity. Yes, I will write about my work but it will be with care not reveal any identifiable details about my colleagues or patients unless they give me any needed permissions. You will not find many NHS hospital doctors blogging openly using their real names; hence this is an experiment of sorts. Let us see how it works. Further, please do not assume that everything I write is about my own work or my own hospital; the stuff may be from far and wide, closer to your place than mine.

I have not blogged before, so bear with me till I get fluent. Please feel free to question and comment on these pages. Tell me you love the blog; tell my why you don't love it.

Let me begin by saying that my blog is a big tribute and a profound thanks to all my colleagues current and past - doctors, nurses, other clinicians, managers and non-clinical people, who work very hard in doing their very best every day for the benefit of their/our/my patients. If this blog made their lives a little bit easier we will begin to see Success in Healthcare.

Thank you.

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Blockit said...

Great article in The Economist on how enterprises like LifeSpring can teach our rich, bloated health-care systems a thing or two about efficiency and quality.