Monday, 19 March 2012

Personalise your cuisine in this restaurant

Personalise your cuisine in this restaurant. Where can you get truly personalised healthcare?

There is a very unique restaurant in Hull that works on amazingly innovative concepts. Its purely vegetarian which in itself is a rare thing for a native British restaurant, it is open only when they have enough bookings, serve only buffet, the first person to book for the day gets to choose the buffet menu, the menu can be from anywhere in the world and many more extraordinary features. Recommend that you checkout their website:
I have been there, it is certainly not the greatest place on earth in terms of decor, service or food. But I still hold that their concepts are unique, praiseworthy and successful.
Wonder what is the lesson from this to healthcare? How can I learn from this? How can I personalise the care I provide to the patients I deal with in a way that is determined by the patients at a very low price, close to home, be profitable, while at the same time having my individuality stamped on it?

I have no personal interest of any sort in this restaurant. I am just amazed by their fabulous and exclusive concepts.

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