Sunday, 25 October 2015

Mentors or 'Godfathers'

The power of Mentors
Sir John Savill, CEO of MRC delivered the Bland-Sutton lecture at the ASGBI annual conference, Liverpool, 2012.

In his acknowledgements he said that at age 34, with 2 scientific published papers he was appointed professor of medicine by Peter Rubin (later Sir Peter, former President of the GMC) who was one of Sir John's mentors.

He said this from the main hall stage with hundreds of people in the audience.

On an internet check it looks like this happened in 1993 at Nottingham.

I wonder in 1993 how many people with more than 2 published papers did not get appointed.

I narrowly missed out on the generosity of such kind mentors; I was only just 50 miles away ;-) Okay, I did not have a single published paper at that time - surely I would have qualified for Assistant Professor!

Who are your mentors?

Of course you could also see this as jobs for the boys or godfathering (as in the cinema godfather and not the socio-religious custom of godfather).

Have things changed? Have things really changed?

These kinds of support is probably okay in a sector where one has invested own's own personal money, time, knowledge and effort. Is it okay where public money is involved? 

The past and the shadow of the past takes a very long time to leave us; we must ensure that it does not negatively affect us in this day and age.

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