Saturday, 21 November 2015

Standardised Management Conversation

The Book

I have written a mini-ebook called Standardised ManagementConversation (SMC) which I think is essential for healthcare directors, managers and senior clinicians. The SMC is a model which is to be used when various healthcare managers talk to those who report to them. It will also be useful for non-healthcare professionals and managers as the fundamental principles are more or less the same.

Since the conversation is standardised in the model, it makes conversation between people predictable and stable with no surprises. The model is based on sound principles, years of observations and practical experience. It draws on conventional management, clinical ‘lean’ management and some lateral thinking.

It is a small booklet. It is priced at £0.99 for UK and $0.99 for USA (equivalent prices for other countries) published in the ebook format via Amazon available at this link

The Cause

I will be donating all the money that I get from the first year (November 2015 to December 2016) sales of this mini-ebook to a charity called Udavum Karangal in India (  ) for the purpose of sponsoring an orphan child all the way through childhood till the child finishes education and leaves the orphanage. This scheme costs about $1000 or £600 which is actually a great value for money to see a child through childhood and education, thus providing a solid foundation for a stable adult life. I like long term thinking and long term benefits, that is why I have chosen this charity. I have personal experience of sponsoring children through this scheme. I have no other relationship with this charity, they do not know that I am doing this.

So here we go, if you are a director or manager in any field or have aspirations to become one in the future, especially if you are in healthcare, if you are a clinician with an interest in management, buy the mini-ebook SMC - Standardised Management Conversation. If you like it and use it and you are successful it is a win for you as a reader of SMC booklet, it is a success for me as an author and it is a success for a child till he/she becomes an adult. Well, if you do not like it, your £0.99 is pure charity.

It is a win-win-win whichever way you look at it. You may perhaps now want to make a guess on the gist of the content of the SMC mini-ebook.

Thank you for your support.


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PS: As a new author, new to e-publishing, if there are issues with it kindly provide me feedback so that I can improve on it.

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