Saturday, 25 March 2017

Busting Myths in Healthcare Management

Busting myths in healthcare management
A dozen at a time

Myth 1

Quality can be measured

(But, Quality Improvement can be measured)

Myth 2

Publications and guidelines (national) are a good source of evidence (for QI)

(Often published evidence is invalid, not robust enough or gets outdated soon. Guidelines are rarely tried in their totality before being recommended)

Myth 3

Increasing Quality Increases Cost

(Improving Quality Decreases Cost)

Myth 4

Improving Quality Improves Safety
Often No

(Improving Quality Improves Quality, Improving Safety Improves Safety. According to definitions they are two different things.)

Myth 5

Management by Objectives/Targets are good (for QI)

(Targets especially mandatory ones are prone to scamming)

Myth 6

Above Average is a Good Indicator of Quality

(Averages are flawed. Averages are not real)

Myth 7

A high percentages of good things and a low percentages of bad things are good indicators of quality improvement
May be but not really

(Percentages could be misleading. Percentages are not real numbers)

Myth 8

Culture Can Be Changed

(Processes can be changed and that may change culture)

Myth 9

All Directors in the Board of Directors are Leaders

(Leaders are follower defined not position defined)

Myth 10

Management Principles are the same for Healthcare as in any other field

(The frontline in healthcare is unique and very different)

Myth 11

Errors can be eliminated (in healthcare)

(Errors can be reduced but cannot be eliminated. But harm can be eliminated.)

Myth 12

Human Factors is about Changing Behaviour

(Human Factors is about changing Design)

 You can learn more about these from many sources (eg. University of Hull or enquire about a bespoke course )


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