Tuesday, 24 January 2012



I believe this is the opposite of absenteeism. This is when people are ill but still turn up to work to reduce productivity. It costs Australia $6billion. 

Hold on, its not a peculiarly Australian problem. We have it too. 20% of NHS staff have reported coming to work even when they are ill. Before you pat yourself on the back on some perceived altruism or hyper-sincerity, please remember that in the insurance business 45% of staff come to work when they are ill .

Its not just the people who are off sick who decrease productivity; people who are at work but who should not be, also reduce productivity. Please share your view on how you deal with this issue in your place of work. I wonder if the recent sickness counselors we have appointed in the NHS will identify persons who should not be there and send them home to rest properly!

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Blockit said...

Unfortunately the reality is, if I turn up , no matter what I produce , I still get a pay cheque at the end of the month.