Thursday, 1 December 2011

Laser surgery for piles

Many of you will be aware that piles is a very common problem presenting usually as bleeding and/or swelling from the anus. If the piles involves an external swelling at the anus along with the bleeding then a surgical operation may be indicated.
Currently the standard method of doing a piles operation involves a general anaesthetic, cutting out the piles (called open haemorrhoidectomy or Milligan-Morgan technique) and possibly an overnight hospital stay though more centres are doing piles operations as day cases.

We (Peter Moore, Consultant Surgeon, now retired and I) have been performing a technique called Laser Seal Haemorrhoidectomy for a few years where we use a local anaesthetic with mild sedation and use a laser to seal the cut edges of the piles. Patients are able to go home about 2 hours after the operation (they may be able to go home earlier but sedation guidelines kick in I suppose), we believe that this procedure gives better pain relief in the early days  

We learnt this procedure a few years ago from Peter Thomas from Arizona; of course we don't do it exactly like him and he has been doing it for 25 years.  A public thanks to Peter.

I think to change an operation that involves a general anaesthetic and often one or two nights of stay in the hospital to a local anaesthetic (with mild sedation) with a two hour stay is our local technical example of Success in Healthcare. Surely not an earth shattering example, only a small one but hopefully relevant for some. The point is to try and pursue every activity that improves quality and decreases cost at the same time.

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Warning & Disclaimer
1) There are many causes of bleeding from the anus and many causes of swelling in the anus, some of those may be more serious conditions than piles - please consult your doctor whose advise will be the only thing relevant to you personally. This blog does not give you medical advise.
2) We do not claim scientifically superior results. We describe only our process and some of our beliefs.We use the laser seal haemorrhoidectomy as a clinical process improvement example not as scientific proof of any treatment.

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