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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing 
A guest blog by Dr Amudha Anand, Singapore

This topic is very abstract and need to be experienced to understand. Being an initiated and practicing spiritual healer I will try to share relevant information in a simple manner.

Health is defined by World Health Organisation as a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely an absence of disease. Science of healing is helping an individual restore his health through the cosmic energy (paramatma) that activates its extension (the jeevatama) that resides in every individual.

Different systems of healing act through different existential sheaths of our lives (phenomena called koshas). Current western medical systems acts through annamaya kosha or physical body. Pranayama  and pranic healing systems work through pranamaya kosha; this would be the vital force or energy that pervades the physical body. Manomaya kosha based healing is understanding and using one’s mind to heal (this is not just psychology, for instance religion and spirituality uses manomaya kosha for healing; some say that homeopathy is the better understanding of the mind after which is thought to enable healing through homeopathy). Vigynanamaya kosha is the sheath of intellect that we have, understanding and using this phenomenon is the basis of vignyanamaya healing; some say Ayurveda uses vignyanamaya principles. Most spiritual healing happens through anandamaya kosha; anandamaya is a state of inherent eternal bliss, a disturbance of this can and will affect all the koshas and hence the whole person. Healing with knowledge of the annamaya kosha heals the spirit – that would be the meaning of spiritual healing.

Being a human with an open mind is the only requirement to be a healer or be healed. I had hypertension longstanding vertigo and irritable bowel syndrome all of which got cured by spiritual healing after a two day chakra cleansing course by a great spiritual master.

One of the most useful methods used in spiritual healing is clearing the chakras.

There are seven chakras in our body

Each of these chakras have specific functions; their blockages have specific adverse effects and cleansing them has specific positive effects – a full detailing of these are beyond the scope of this short write up. As a mini illustration, the Sahasrara or crown chakra flowers when we live in gratitude. Getting to that point is a journey with defined pathways. But the effect of reaching that point is a life that is lived in gratitude, living in gratitude for all that we possess shifts your consciousness to higher plane.

(There are many references and links available, this is just one easy one to become aware of the chakras and their relevance in healing )

The innate intelligent energy that resides within us which is called Kundalini energy gets activated by cleansing the chakras. The full activation of the Kundalini is when it rises from the Muladhara (base) to the Sahasrara (at the crown of our head) and results in oneness with the absolute eternal. Regular practice of yoga, pranayama and dhyana can activate this energy when done over many years. Same can be awakened by a spiritual master in a word, touch or glance. This healing from a master happens for a short while but we can continue to remain healed by following the above mentioned practices on a regular basis.

A healthy satvic diet (yogic, stable, pure, clean, moderate diet) helps in acceleration of healing process making our body a good conductor to receive such energy.

The very first experience of this inner energy spreading within self gives one intense bliss the memory of which keeps one go deeper into seeking. The first sign is well being for oneself which when pursued with essential Vedic practices and initiation leads to healing of self and those around.

Somewhere along this path one is able to experience the vast difference between maya (illusion) and the TRUTH. As you go deeper into the pursuit of truth healing happens as a continuous process and our mind that was constantly looking for pleasures outside turns inward. The journey inward gives us the realization of the supreme purpose of human birth. 

All diseases, mishappenings, trauma and unhappiness is deemed to be the play of the macrocosm (paramatma), for the microcosm (jeevatma) to unite with its higher self. Once the being identifies with source and pursues techniques to be in constant communion with the source, major barriers that is knowledge, maya and ego melts unfolding higher powers in the form of siddhis and then we know that spiritual healing is one small yet important effect in this journey.

This science was thought to be part of each being in ancient times which was maintained by the culture of the day nourished by systems such as the gurukul. Now the same knowledge is being renamed, repackaged and taught to us in modified and edited versions.

We should aim to tap into the benefit of these ancient systems by tapping into the positive aspects of transcendent knowledge based spiritual practices; these are not the rituals of religion which are different from spiritual practices. This when acquired under guidance of authentic Guru will lead us from darkness to light, bondage to freedom and sickness to health.

I am not against any system of medicine. Whichever system is necessary and suitable for any given disease condition must be used to cure our illnesses; however when we aim for a certain kind of complete cure that goes above and beyond any presenting illness in question, in my personal view, it would only be possible by dealing with our person (body, mind and spirit) holistically that promotes healing from within.

May your health and healing include the healing of your spirit.

Dr Amudha Anand
Paediatrician, Singapore

(with editorial assistance by M Hemadri)


Note by M HEMADRI – Success in Healthcare, which is the name and the purpose of this blog recognizes that there are many modes by which success can be achieved in healthcare – Spiritual Healing by the vedic method is one of the ancient and profound methods. Amudha’s short writing is a welcome addition to this blogsite; my sincerest thanks to her.


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